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Mary Shaw is a Philadelphia-based writer and activist, with a focus on politics, human rights, and social justice.

Mary is a former Philadelphia Area Coordinator for the Nobel-Prize-winning human rights group Amnesty International. Today she remains involved with a number of organizations dedicated to the issues near and dear to her heart.

When she's not working with other activists to save the world from injustice, she is usually busy writing about the issues. As a syndicated columnist, Mary's thoughts and opinions appear regularly in a variety of newspapers, magazines, and websites.

She is a frequent public speaker, bringing the issues to school groups, church groups, and other organizations, and inciting positive action. Mary also conducts workshops on media activism for individuals and groups of all sizes.

Mary blogs regularly at her own Philadelphia Freedom Blog. Her blog contains all her syndicated columns interspersed with more frequent, informal commentary and analysis of current events.

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"Thanks to Mary Shaw. Her writing is always compassionate, interesting, and insightful."
   -- John S. Hatch, reader at

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